Sperko Services

Sperko Engineering Services, Inc. provides specialized service to designers, purchasers, fabricators, manufacturers and users of metal in industrial applications.  The following services are available:

Welding Engineering Services

  • Preparation of welding and brazing procedure specifications (WPSs) meeting ASME and AWS Code requirements
  • Cost-effective programs for welding and brazing procedure qualification
  • Cost-cutting welder and brazer qualification programs
  • Code compliance assured for ASME Section IX, AWS B2.1 and AWS D1.1 work
  • Optimization of welding processes, procedures and equipment for minimum fabrication costs. (consumables normally only account for 15% of the cost of making a weld. . . .)
  • Welding equipment and process troubleshooting
  • Review of supplier welding and brazing procedures for technical adequacy and Code conformance.
  • Welding fume control and related welder health issue consultation, particularly welding of galvanized steel.

Training Services

  • Conduct training programs in the use of ASME Section IX and ASME B31 Code requirements. Click here for an outline of the  3-day ASME Section IX Course.pdf  
  • Conduct seminars in welding technology, metallurgy, and distortion control.
  • Conduct training of Engineering and Inspection personnel in materials and fabrication requirements of ASME Sections III and VIII and ASME B31 Code sections.
  • Conduct training of inspectors for examination of piping to meet ASME B31 Code "Visual Examiner" requirements.

Other Engineering Services

  • Preparation of Quality Assurance Programs for ASME Code Stamp Certificates and for National Board "R" Stamps
  • Design-integrated selection of materials for corrosive, high and low temperature and other severe duty
  • Evaluation of supplier ability to fabricate vessels and piping
  • Assistance in obtaining ASME Code interpretations
  • Piping system design, analysis, and failure investigation
  • Design of simple vessels per ASME Section VIII Division 1
  • Evaluation of existing piping, pressure vessels and storage tanks for continued use.
  • Failure investigations involving corrosion, brittle fracture, fatigue, wear, cracking, and leaks
  • Expert witness in welding and materials technology

Services in PDF Format: Sperko Engineering.pdf