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A History of Additive Manufacturing Using Conventional Welding Processes

While the headlines call "Additive Manufacturing" something new and exciting, the welding industry has been using it for almost a century.

Gimme Some of that-there Nuclear 7018!. .

If you buy welding consumables for nuclear construction under ASME Section III, you need to read this article which was published in the AWS Welding Journal November 2013 under the boring title: "Tips for Purchasing Welding Consumables for Nuclear Work."

Dissimilar Metals in Heating and Air Conditioning Piping Systems

As published in the ASHRAE Journal, April, 2009

Random Radiography: What the Fabricator and Owner Need to Agree On

as published in Pactical Welding Today, July, 2005

Exploring Temper Bead Welding

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How Good Do Piping System Welds Really Need to Be?

Video of the Burst Test (2Mb file) Described in Above Article

Welding Galvanized Steel - Safely

Welding Grade 91 Revised 8/23

Welding Workmanship

Purge Time Spreadsheet for Piping

World's Best Tungsten Grinder

Backing Flux for Root Passes on Stainless Steel

Rust on Stainless Steel! -- Oh My God!!!

World's Best Pipe Welding Positioner and Gripper

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Reference Materials for Welding Engineers

and those who hope to become one

Weldability of Ferritic Steels, Norman Bailey, Abington Publishing

Welding Metalurgy and Weldability of Nickel-based Alloys by DuPont, Lippold and Kiser, Wiley Publishing

Welding Metallurgy and weldability by Lippold, Wiley Publising

Welding Metallurgy And Weldability Of Stainless Steels by Lippold. and Kotecki availabe at www.daminakotecki.com

Branch Connection Reinforcing Pad Calculations

ASME B31.9-2012, Building Services Piping, contains a method for determining whether a reinforcing pad is needed for a branch connection. This spreadsheet contains that formula and input data. The industry owes the late Mr. Paul Bourquin, Founding Chairman of B31.9 committee, a big "Thank you!" for developing this formula and the spreadsheet. and for getting it into B31.9 .

Branch Connection Reinforcing Pad Spreadsheet